Press Releases

1. Press Release - Troxell Awarded The AV Contract Under The National IPA Cooperative

2. Press Release - Troxell Communications Sponsors “Google Vision For Education” Presentation During NCCE 2016 Conference

3. Press Release - Troxell Communications Launches School Asset Manager (SAM) In U.S.

4. Press Release - Troxell 2015 National Sales Summit Final

5. Press Release - Troxell Communications Announces Sales Team Promotion, Hires, and Regional VP Appointments

6. Press Release - GO MOBILE:  Big News In Mobile Learning Offering. Click here for press release.

7. Press Release - Hitachi: Casita Center For Science, Technology, and Math Implements Hitachi StarBoards

8. Press Release - Hitachi: University of Idaho Utilizes StarBoards To Create 21st Century Educational Experience

9. Press Release - Hitachi: Texas School District Reaches Technology and Professional Goals

10. Press Release - Hitachi: Science+Math Curriculum = Hitachi’s Starboard at Casita Center